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PartⅠ Listening Comprehension

Section A Mini-lecture

1. parts of language

2. other features

3. rhythm

4. having the ability

5. a particular subject

6. knowledge or experience

7. reinterpreting

8. predicting/making predictions

9. types of predictions

10. contents

Section B Interview

1. Theresa thinks that the present government is ___D___.

[A] doing what they have promised to schools

[B] creating opportunities for leading universities

[C] considering removing barriers for state school pupils

[D] reducing opportunities for state school pupils

2. What does Theresa see as a problem in secondary schools now? C

[A]Universities are not working hard to accept state school pupils.

[B]The number of state pupils applying to Oxford fails to increase.

[C]The government has lowered state pupils’ expectations.

[D] Leading universities are rejecting state school pupils.

3. In Theresa’s view, school freedom means that schools should __B__.

[A] be given more funding from education authorities

[B] be given all the money and decide how to spend it

[C] be granted greater power to run themselves

[D] be given more opportunities and choices

4. According to Theresa, who decides or decide money for schools at the present?A

[A] Local education authorities and the central government.

[B] Local education authorities and secondary schools together.

[C] Local education authorities only.

[D] The central government only.

5. Throughout the talk, the interviewer does all the following EXCEPT _C___.

[A] asking for clarification

[B] challenging the interviewee

[C] supporting the interviewee

[D] initiating topics

Section C News Broadcast

News Item 1

6. What is the main idea of the news item?C

[A] Fewer people watch TV once a week.

[B] Smartphones and tablets have replaced TV.

[C] New technology has led to more family time.

[D] Bigger TV sets have attracted more people.

News Item 2

7. How many lawmakers voted for the marijuana legalization bill?A

[A] 50. [B] 12.

[C] 46. [D] 18.

8.The passing of the bill means that marijuana can be__D___.

[A] bought by people under 18

[B] made available to drug addicts

[C] provided by the government

[D] bought in drug stores

News Item 3

9. What did the review of global data reveal? B

[A]Diarrhea is a common disease.

[B]Good sanitation led to increase in height.

[C]There were many problems of poor sanitation.

[D] African children live in worse sanitary conditions.

10.The purpose of Dr. Alan Dangour’s study was most likely to ___A___.

[A]examine links between sanitation and death from illness

[B] look into factors affecting the growth of children

[C] investigate how to tackle symptoms like diarrhea

[D] review and compare conditions in different countries

PartⅡ Reading Comprehension

Text A

11. According to the author, shoppers are returning their purchases for all the following reasons EXCEPT that _C___.

[A] they are unsatisfied with the quality of the purchase

[B]they eventually find the purchase too expensive

[C] they change their mind out of uncertainty

[D] they regret making the purchase without forethought

12. What is the purpose of the experiment in the bookstore?D

[A] To see which promotion method is preferred by customers.

[B]To find out the strengths and weaknesses of both methods.

[C] To try to set up a new retailer-customer relationship.

[D] To see the effect of an approach on customers' decisions.

13. Why does the author cite the study by Bangor University and the Royal Mail Service?B

[A]To compare similar responses in different settings.

[B] To provide further evidence for his own observation.

[C] To offer a scientific account of the brain's functions.

[D] To describe emotional responses in online shopping.

14. What can be inferred from the last paragraph?A

[A]Real satisfaction depends on factors other than the computer.

[B] Despite online shopping we still attach importance to gift buying.

[C] Some people are still uncertain about the digital age.

[D] Online shopping offers real satisfaction to shoppers.

Text B

15. In the first paragraph, the author suggests that__C__.

[A]a person can either have a high IQ or a low EQ

[B]her professor brother cares too much about IQ

[C]we need examples of how to follow one's heart

[D]she prefers dogs that are clever and loyal

16. According to the passage, all the following are Twist's characteristics EXCEPT_A___.





17. According to the context, the meaning of the word "square"is closest to__C__.





18.ThatTwist's devotion keeps my girls on a benevolent leash means that__D__.

[A]Twist is capable of looking after the girls

[B]Twist and the girls have become friends

[C]Twist knows how to follow the girls

[D]Twist's loyalty helps the girls grow up

19. What does the author try to express in the last paragraph?C

[A]Difficulties in raising her children.

[B]Worries about what to buy for kids.

[C]Gratitude to Twist for her role.

[D]Concerns about schooling and religion.

Text C

20. That it tottered on the borders of senile decay means that the lorry was___B______.

[A] about to break down

[B] a very old vehicle

[C] unable to travel the distance

[D] a dangerous vehicle

21. Which of the following words in the first paragraph is used literally?C

[A] Flush.

[B] Borders.

[C] Operations.

[D] Gasping.

22. We learn from the first paragraph that the author regards the inadequacies of the lorry as ____A_____.

[A] inevitable and amusing

[B]. dangerous and frightening

[C] novel and unexpected

[D] welcome and interesting

23. All the following words in the last but one paragraph describe the lorry as a human EXCEPT__B__ .

[A] trembling

[B] spouting

[C] shuddering

[D] crept

24. We can infer from the passage that the author was __D____.

[A] bored by the appearance of the grasslands ahead

[B] reluctant to do any walking in so hot a climate

[C] unfriendly towards the local driver and boys

[D] a little surprised to have to help drive the lorry

25. A suitable title for the passage would be __D_____.

[A] A journey that scared me

[B] A journey to remember

[C] The wild West African lorry

[D] A comic journey in West Africa

Text D

26. According to the passage, which of the following serves as the BEST reason for the similarity in urban green space throughout the West?D

[A] Climate.

[B] Geography.

[C] Functional purposes.

[D] Design principles.

27. The following are all features of future urban green space EXCEPT that __A__.

[A] each city has its distinct style of urban green space

[B] urban landscape will focus more on cultural history

[C] urban green space will be designed to serve many uses

[D] more green cover will be seen on city roofs and walls

28. Why are some local residents opposed to "xeriscaping"?D

[A] It cannot reduce water requirements.

[B] It has proved to be too costly.

[C] It is not suited for the local area.

[D] It does not have enough advantages.

29. According to the passage, if planners adopt an asset-based approach, they will probably_A___ .

[A] incorporate the area's natural and cultural heritage into their design

[B] make careful estimation of the area's natural resources before designing

[C] combine natural resources and practical functions in their design

[D] envision more purposes for urban landscaping in their design

30. According to the passage, future landscaping designs will rely more on __B__ .

[A] human assumptions

[B] field work

[C] scientific estimation

[D] laboratory work

Part ⅢGeneral Knowledge

31. Which party is in power now in the UK?A

[A]The Conservative Party.

[B]The Labour Party.

[C]The Liberal Democrats.

[D]The Scottish National Party.

32. Which of the following lakes does Canada share with the United States?D

[A]Lake Winnipeg.

[B]The Great Slave Lake.

[C]The Great Bear Lake.

[D]The five Great Lakes.

33. U. S. senators serve for __B__ years after they are elected.





34. Who were the natives of Australia before the arrival of the British settlers? D

[A]The Eskimos.

[B]The Maori.

[C]The Indians.

[D]The Aborigines.

35. _A___is best known for the technique of dramatic monologue in his poems.

[A]Robert Browning

[B]W. B. Yeats

[C]William Blake

[D]William Wordsworth

36. Which of the following is a contemporary British poet?A

[A]Ted Hughes.

[B]William Wordsworth.

[C]E. E. Cummings.

[D]Carl Sandburg.

37. Who was the author of Moby-Dick?C

[A]Nathaniel Hawthorne.

[B]Ralph Waldo Emerson.

[C]Herman Melville.

[D]Washington Irving.

38. The words "tennis, badminton, golf, basketball and football" constitute a _C___ field.





39. A: Do you like ice cream? B: Yes, I do.

This is an example of _B___.





40. Which of the following is a voiceless consonant?C

[A][ j ]

[B][ w ]

[C][ p ]

[D][ l ]

Part ⅣProofreading & Error Correction


2. and→but

3. complimentary→compliment


5. very→too


7. specially→especially或particularly

8. for→about

9. aspect→case

10. been→去掉been

Part Ⅴ Translation

Section A Chinese to English





Camellia’s flowering period starts from December and ends in the next April,and the colors of the flowers are bright and showy with red in majority, yellow, white and other colors in minority. It’s the city’s largest camellia show in recent three years, which fully displays camellia’s various species as well as human’s scientific research level of it. In order to provide the majority of plant-lovers with more opportunities to closely appreciate the beauty of camellia, the area of the Camellia Show is extended to the whole garden so that it can bring more convenience for the visitors.

The Camellia Show takes over two months, in which more than 200 various camellias will be presented successively.

Section B English to Chinese


At its heart, psycholinguistic work consists of two questions. One is, What knowledge of language is needed for us to use language? In a sense, we must know a language to use it, but we are not always fully aware of this knowledge. A distinction may be drawn between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge refers to the knowledge of how to perform various acts, whereas explicit knowledge refers to the knowledge of the processes or mechanisms used in these acts. We sometimes know how to do something without knowing how we do it. For instance, a baseball pitcher (投手) might know how to throw a baseball 90 miles an hour but might have little or no explicit knowledge of the muscle groups that are involved in this act. Similarly, we may distinguish between knowing how to speak and knowing what processes are involved in producing speech. Generally speaking, much of our linguistic knowledge is tacit rather than explicit.



Part Ⅵ Writing


My Views on the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy refers to the economic pattern in which people share access to resources, such as goods, services and data. This newly emerging trend would be impossible without the development of technology. It is the Internet that makes the sharing cheaper and easier and helps to strike a balance between supply and demand. Time magazine has listed the sharing economy as one of the “10 ideas that will change the world”. As far as the comment is concerned, I cannot agree with Time more.

As one of the greatest benefits of the digital age, the sharing economy arises from our oldest instinct as human beings. There is always an urge for us to connect with others, especially in an era when families are scattered and we do not really know the people who live nearby. It has been said that “Joys shared with others are more enjoyed.” However, in my eyes, the resources shared with others are more beneficial to our society.

On the one hand, sharing economy leads to a more efficient use of resources. Some items are expensive to buy but widely owned by people who do not make the best use of them. Occasional sharing may provide extra income for the owners and can be less costly for the borrowers. If managed well, a win-win situation is achieved for both parties in the process. Besides, sharing economy contributes to environmental protection. Take accommodation for example. The more hotels are built, the more resources are required, which might in turn result in a decrease in arable land and public green space. On the other hand, the transaction cost is reduced due to the use of Internet and various apps. With a smart phone in your hand, it is not difficult to find a potential host in the neighboring area. People are meeting increasingly on screens, discussing online and purchasing goods domestic and overseas, paying through Internet payment system.

To summarize, although the sharing economy is not perfect at present because of concerns in insurance, legal liability, safety and the like, I believe, quite firmly, that it represents the future trend and has the power to change the world for the convenience and flexibility it brings to us. Just as the old Chinese saying goes, the defects cannot obscure the virtues of a splendid jade, and I assume it also applies to the sharing economy.

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